SanDisk has released a new memory management app onto the Android Market today called Memory Zone. The app acts as sort of super file manager app giving you the ability to manage all of the saved content on your phone’s SD card (or internal memory) by moving it around, deleting or uploading/downloading it from one of your existing cloud services like Dropbox or Picasa. The cool part? You can even schedule regular backups to make sure all of the content on your phone is safely secured in the cloud. SanDisk Memory Zone also adds to functionality of password protecting any file or folder on your phone’s SD card if you wanted to hide something like, your extensive collection of… flower photos.

Where the app really shines is the fact it combines the functionality of more than a few apps currently on the Market, all into one. Now you only have to make one stop to manage, protect and backup all your most important files. You can download SanDisk Memory Zone for free right now in the Android Market.
[Market Link]


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