Secure Lock Screen Now Over 90% of Nexus Phones


Google IO 2016’s last day is proceeding and we have already got many new innovations and technologies. Speaking at the event Stephan Somogyi from Google dropped an interesting statistic on us — he said, since the launch of the Nexus 6P and 5X, 90% of Nexus users have a secure lock screen on their phone.

fingerprint scanner

Penetration of Secure Lock Screen has tremendously increased from 50% to 90% and even the Googlers are mesmerized by the adoption rate of it by the users.

This has happened due to the SMart Unlock feature which allow users to unlock device with a swipe if they have some conditions or accessories during the unlocking process. Like, Fitness Bank, any third party bluetooth detachable devices, your location or some else stuff allows you to unlock your device automatically.

Another thing is the rise of fingerprint scanners which allowed users to unlock the display with just a thumb or a finger on the fingerprint sensor.

This all has contributed to achieve 90% Secure Lock Screen penetration.


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