If your only experience with Sega‘s blue hedgehog is post-Dreamcast, you can stop reading now – this story isn’t for you. If, however, you’ve been patiently awaiting the Android arrival of one of the most celebrated 2D platformers of all time, prepare to be disappointed. Though the Sega CD classic Sonic CD will see a release on the iPhone tomorrow, December 14th, it won’t be hitting Android until early next year. We’d blame Dr. Robotnik, but you’d think that he’d be on board with Android all the way. Android fans should be used to waiting by now.

It’s not all bad news. XPERIA Play owners can add Sonic CD to the ever-growing list of games that will support its game pad, and with a fast twitchy game like Sonic, that’s a godsend. And it’s good to know that more people will at least get to play Sonic CD, which had a pretty small audience way back in 1993 due to the Sega CD’s failure to sell. We can wait in good company – the Windows Phone 7 release has been delayed as well.
While you wait, you might as well check out some classic Sonic action with this here trailer. Sonic CD is considered by many to be the best of Sonic’s 2D adventures, with gigantic stages and high-fidelity music made possible by the denser CD format. The re-release will be getting the original Japanese soundtrack. Though Sonic has fallen on hard times in modern 3D versions, Sonic CD remains a highlight of his fast-paced career.

[via Pocket Gamer]


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