Google Allo

Google Allo for Android is getting the new update with some smart features. As you already know that some times GIF or an emoji speaks louder than words. So now  Google is introducing today a new features that help you express share some emoji or GIF by using the Google Assistant.

Few months earlier google has introduced the smart way to share the emoji in a chat. Now google adds the GIF support in the same way as emoji. To share GIF in chat now you have to just tap the smiley icon in the chat bar and swipe left to find the right GIF for your chat.

With this new update you can send the animated emojis in your chat. To animate your emoji in chat after entring an emoji in chat input box. You Just have to touch and hold the send button, and then drag up to see it come to life. Unfortunately, This feature is only available on select emojis.

There is one more features which comes in this update i.e Now you can get help from your Google Assistant right from your chats, like movie showtimes, weather, YouTube videos, or even pics.

Google in its blog says that these features are currently rolling out on Android, However all these features will be available on iOS devices very soon.


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