sidereel android app

After serving content on the Web and iOS (for past six years), finally, this track and watch service has made its way to Play Store. SideReel has finally launched its Android App and s now available in the play Store.

sidereel android app

Visually, if we say app is bit old styled, as a copy of the same iOS App. But we know, after few updates, company will reveal the new look for the app. It is going to be useful for users who already use SideReel service on the web or over the iOS. It is an extra advantage for both company and users as App will give Sidereel more users, and users will have easy access to the service.

There are few features that Android App lacks as of now, but we are sure that those features would be added to the App.

Users who want to try the new app out can head over to the Play Store. You can enjoy by tracking and watching your favorite TV shows online, discover new shows, and find out when top shows are on.


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