The recent version i.e the Skype preview version 8.29.76 has added pretty new features. This new version with call recording feature is meant for Android and iOS users. With this feature , now the users who use skype app for calling can record the call. And this can be done directly through the app.

It has been one of the most awaited features for those who want to record calls. Earlier when this feature was not available on the app users used third party apps. And now the recent update of Android Pie has also restricted that. But this new addition is for sure a point to be happy about.

The next new addition is that users can now select two option for messaging. Which means users can use Skype messaging for sending and receiving messages using Skype credits. Even after enabling the ‘SMS Connect’ option users can use this SMS feature on their desktop via Skype app.

Overall, new features have made Skype even more better. Users can check the SKype Preview for both Android and iOS.

Skype is one of the best option available for internet calling and video chatting and used universally. Be anywhere in this world you can simply call anyone without any glitches makes this the best in the industry.


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