Skype takes action, removes vulnerabilities


If you’re following the scoreboard, last week we reported that Skype for Android had a vulnerability which allowed a third party to harvest a user’s data without their consent. Skype replied that they were taking action, but didn’t tell us what it was. Now we know. Skype has solved the issue for now by removing the ability of a hacker to do so. And there’s more …

We have had no reported examples of any 3rd party malicious application misusing information from the Skype directory on Android devices and will continue to monitor closely. Please rest assured that we do take your privacy and security very seriously and we sincerely apologize for any concern this issue may have caused.

So Skype assures that at this juncture, there has been no breach to warrant concern. But to be on the safe side, what that means is that Skype is going to put a pair of eyes on the situation to make sure of it. That’s a wise move. And in addition, Skype is adding 3G connectivity to the Skype for Android app worldwide, promising no issues with worldwide calling.
A pretty high bar to set. With most exploits coming from outside the United States, it’ll pretty much be a full time job to not only balance keeping quality high via 3G, but to make sure the bad guys don’t find a way through in the process. Then again, that’s what all companies should be doing. So, it’s just a matter of if it’s important to them. And it look like by the action Skype is taking, that it is.


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