Skype update brings AI suggested “Photo Effects” to Android and iOS app


Not long ago, Skype was one of the pioneer apps for video calling VoIP calls. Now, it has been overshadowed by the advent of numerous other competitors like WhatsApp, Snapchat and much more. However, the Microsoft owned app continues to improve by assimilating latest features and trending design. Recently, the video calling app went through a makeover on desktop, and also got a “Lite” version for itself.

Hence, a new update has arrived. With the new update, Skype is introducing “Photo Effects”. In plain words, these are stickers like face masks, decorative borders, and captions. Nothing new right? Well, Microsoft will leverage AI to suggest these new stickers to users. The AI will judge the user’s age, emotion, and even celebrity look-alike chance, and suggest stickers.

The photo effects feature will come into play after you snap a photo. There will be a magic wand icon at the top of the screen that will initiate the AI. These suggestions will also change based on the weeks, holiday seasons and so on.

These images can then be shared on chats, Skype’s Highlights feature that is a spin-off of Instagram Stories. Moreover, the latest “Photo Effects” feature is rolling out to Android and iOS on mobile.

Source: Skype Blog


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