SlingPlayer for Android updates with HQ Video mode

Slingbox has updated it’s popular SlingPlayer for Android app and added a high quality video mode for those who love to watch their TV on the go. In addition, the new update fixes a connectivity issue that some T-Mobile and Motorola Atrix users have been frustrated with. And users can now enjoy a full screen mode when on composite, s-video and coax inputs.

Sling is a really cool technology that marries TV to the Internet and makes it possible to not only stream video, but watch live TV. When connecting over 3G or WiFi to a Slingbox Solo or Pro HD box, the SlingPlayer software can allow users to watch live TV on their Android phone, change channels and even control their DVRs. Adding a high quality video also future proofs the app, which is looking to take advantage of 4G networks and future dual core processors for more serious HD video quality. The only thing stopping them are the arbitrary bandwidth limitations by the wireless providers. But at least WiFi doesn’t stop them.
The SlingPlayer app isn’t cheap at $30, but considering the ability to watch your favorite sporting event live wherever you go, it’s a bargain. Check it out in the Android Marketplace.
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