smart lock for passwords

As we earlier talked about the Smart Lock for Passwords service that Google announced yesterday at Google I/O 2015 is now live at Google made it available for the users so quickly that users have amazed of it.

smart lock for passwords

Smart Locks for Passwords will allow to save your credentials of Chrome and Android devices. Later, it will automatically signs you in on those platforms in the future.

By visiting the above said portal you will see all of the sites you’ve authenticated with in a new and easy to navigate list, and you can also simply click a button on each to view the actual password. It seems that with proper security measures, and with no fear of privacy breach, the feature could be a very successful one.

Currently, the feature hasn’t made its way to all users as some of the users are having glitch while availing this service. Smart lock for Passwords is a feature packed with Google Play Services 7.5 which was announced at Google I/O 2015.


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