We all know that smartphones are everywhere and becoming even more affordable than anyone ever thought.  You might have to pay $50 or more for two-years to get one in your possession, but you do get one.  The United States has seen a large increase in smartphone use over the last 3 months among those ages 13 and higher.  A report out from ComScore shows that US smartphone use has gone up about 10 full percent points in the last three months ending in July.  ComScore is an agency that tracks business analytics and measures statistic of various digital measurements.  In this report the company was looking at the mobile phone industry during the months of May, June and July 2011.

In those three months, 234 million smartphone users in the United States above the age of 13 used their smartphones.  With this information, ComScore was also able to see what providers, operating systems and manufactures led the pack.  With over 25 percent of the pie was Samsung, which had the most US subscribers and that was up 1 percent.  LG, Motorola, Apple and RIM came along right after Samsung and all with their subscriber counts rising over the last three months.

What operating system was the most used over that time period?  If you guessed Android, you would be right and the market share for Android was up over 5 percent to 41.8 percent total market share.  Apple is still trailing Android with about 27 percent, but their numbers were up also.  RIM, Microsoft and Symbian were the next three companies on the list and their numbers were on the rise as well.  The overall growth of smartphone use was evident with the 82.2 million smartphone users during those three months, which was up 10 percent from the previous three months.

All of this information is quite interesting to say the least and other stats available on the report included social networking usage found that over 30 percent of users visit social networking or blog sites on their phone.  Of the smartphone users, 27 percent used games and about 20 percent listened to music on their smartphones.  Text messaging is also the most popular activity on smartphones with over 70 percent of the users engaging in texting.  Browsing the Web was up to 41 percent and downloading apps went up almost 3 points to 40 percent.


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