Snapchat was first made available on iOS in September of 2011. It took a year for the app to be available on Play Store for the Android users in October, 2012. Since, then it has been updated with various new functionalities and features. Yet, when compared the Android app seems inferior to iOS app in terms of performance. Recently, the app did not gain expected users in Q3 of 2017. Hence, the CEO Evan Speigel admitted that they need to improve the Android app to increase the user base.

Snapchat was the first to introduce stories, a now widely used feature. However, it is more popular on Instagram which added this feature just a year ago. Even Instagram users post more stories than Snapchat users. The difference here is due to the usability and performance offered by these two apps. Snapchat on most of the Android smartphones is laggy and buggy, even the user interface is not friendly. On the other hand, Instagram is easy to use and thus preferred more by the users.

To surprise, Snapchat’s Android app gained more users in September of 2017 than iOS app. This is probably due to Android’s dominance over many developing countries. But, the CEO claims it is due to the improved performance in the Android app. And he also added that they will focus more on the development of Android app. According to him, the team is already working on a revamped app for Android which will help them gain more users. He did not say when the new design will go live, but did mention that it will be first available in limited number of countries before it rolls out worldwide.

Presently, the Snapchat app has 178 million daily active users including both iOS and Android users. Will the revamped version of Snapchat app lure you to use it ? Express your views below.