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Snapchat is testing a shopping feature in its app using the camera of the app. Recently Instagram has announced its Shopping in stories. This feature has already got a good response in other apps so, coming to snapchat shopping features it might get popular in no time.

Snapchat Shopping

Today Snapchat has announced the partnership with Amazon. In this new shopping feature in Snapchat Camera, when a user points the camera at a physical product or barcode, the Amazon Popup card will appear with that product or some related product, allowing the user to buy that product. Snapchat user has to tap and hold the camera screen to activate the feature.

Every competitor is upgrading their apps by providing more and more functionality to their stories feature. So, competition Snapchat has to add and try some new features to remain in the competition. Now let’s see how much this shopping feature will help snapchat to regain its lost space. Earlier this month Snapchat’s stock reached the all-time low. This shopping feature is currently under testing with the small number of users in the US. Its time to innovate for Snapchat, we might see some more features in the coming days.


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