Snapchat is undoubtedly one of the best image messaging platforms available. The brand is going into overdrive to make this experience even more joyful. The latest piece of information proposes that soon Snapchat will feature community-based AR Effects. If you are a Snapchat user then you may have heard about the AR effects, these effects are 3D and can be placed anywhere with a simple touch. Soon this app will provide users with the community built AR lenses.

AR Effects means stickers based on Augmented reality, these stickers can be placed anywhere in your footage with an ease. Snapchat has earlier announced their application called Lens Studio which allows the general public to create their own lenses. Now Snapchat has marked that the best AR effects created using Lens Studio will get featured in the application’s carousel. Not all effects can be showcased but some interesting ones will surely get a chance to get featured.

With this step Snapchat is praising the creators and to support this they have even named it as “Creator boost”. Starting late March the app will show specific AR Effects along with the name of creators and a tag “created with Lens studio”. The lens studio utility is free of cost and is available to all users. For now, the creator will not get any money as after that the following AR lenses will have to compete against the preexisting promoted lenses. This is a great way to get exposure, so if you are a creator then you can try your luck as well.


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