snapseed for android

snapseed for android

Along with some new features and stats for Google+, Google also announced Snapseed for Android as they bought Nik bakers in past. You can download Snapseed from Google Play Store for free.

Snapseed revolves around the idea of complex image manipulations done via simple gestures. What makes the app stand out from the ever popular Instagram is exactly the complexity of manipulations and the simplicity of execution. Here are features of Snapseed for Android:

  • Basic adjustments like tune, straighten and crop
  • Creative filters like drama, black & white, and vintage that you can apply individually or in combination
  • Control Point technology to selectively enhance your photo—to brighten just a face, for instance, or deepen just the sky
  • The ability to share your creations via Google+ and other services

The photography community is a huge one on Google+, and these folks have been waiting for Android’s Snapseed. So download and enjoy.


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