China-based parts supplier TVC-Mall has published more images of various components claimed to be genuine parts from Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5. The supplier has gained access to genuine iPhone parts ahead of launch in the past, so it is possible that these components are once again authentic. Last week we saw what were claimed to be headphone jacks and camera lens replacement modules from Apple’s upcoming fifth-generation iPhone, and now TVC-Mall has posted images and information surrounding OEM rear camera lens assemblies, batteries and headphone jack flex cables said to belong to Apple’s iPhone 5. Little can be gleaned from the new images, though the camera lens module shows space for a single LED flash while earlier reports claimed that the new iPhone 5 would feature a dual-LED flash. More images of the purported iPhone 5 parts follow below.

[Via MacRumors]
Read [Camera] Read [Battery] Read [Flex cable]

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