Sonic Jump Fever is now available on both Android and iOS by Sega. It follow ups Blue Blur’s Sonic Jump and the new one comes up with more features. You can download by hitting the PLay Store Link below at the bottom of the article.


It has interesting levels, classic power-ups, and exciting boss fights. For being totally not like a traditional Sonic game, it still felt very much like a Sonic game. The big addition to Sonic Jump Fever is the ability to compete with friends and earn prizes.

Features of Sonic Jump Fever

Jump Revolution
The all-new, free-to-play, Sonic Jump experience features quick-to-play explosive races against time!

Challenge your Friends
Compete with friends for the highest score. Play and post your scores on a Leaderboard that you share with your friends. The leaderboard updates instantly after every turn. So the competition never ends.

Shatter your scores
Unleash FEVER mode to enter hyper-speed for earth-shattering scores.

Play& Upgrade a Cast Of Characters
Play as Sonic, Knuckles and a host of famous characters. Upgrade their unique moves and abilities to help them soar to the skies.

Unlock the power of Chao
Recruit a legendary Chao from the Sonic universe! Find all the Chao to help you beat badniks, search for hidden rings and many more unique abilities!

Check the trailer of the game below:

Download: Play Store


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