Sony Buys Chip Company Altair for $212 million, targets Internet of Things


Sony has acquired a Chip company, Altair, for $212 million to strengthen its ongoing strategy to build its component business which targets wearables and Internet of Things segments.


Altair owns specialist modem chip technology and related software for the 4G wireless technology, Long Term Evolution (LTE). It have other products also which used to connect variety of devices to Internet like Security. Sony plans to combine Altair’s modern chip technology with its own sensing technologies to build cellular capable component devices.

‘By combining Sony’s sensing technologies – such as GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and image sensors – with Altair’s […] modem chip technology, and by further evolving both, Sony will strive to develop a new breed of cellular-connected, sensing component devices,’  – Officially said by Sony this morning 

Earlier in December 2015, Sony acquires Toshiba’s semiconductor fabrication facilities for $153.9 million. This suggests that Sony is expanding its business opportunities. More on this, In October 2015 Sony has made Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation.

Now, Coming on to the Altair acquisition. Sony expects to close the deal early next month but the transfer is planned to be completed by March this year.


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