Sony creates ultra-fast phone camera packed with MP

Sony is developing a camera phone sensor with the serious photographer in mind. The new sensor is packed with nearly 18 MP and can fire off high speed burst photographs. Traditionally, phone camera sensors bog down in speed, but Sony has developed a technique where the camera can process pixels in parallel, which takes up to 75 percent less time to generate an image.

In addition to high speed photography, the CMOS based sensor will be able to do half speed video, and option never before available in a camera phone resulting in video imaging at 120 frames per second. Naturally, it would depend on phone processor strength and storage capability and more likely, the added speed would be used for continuous still image photography at lower resolutions. No word on when the the new sensor will make it’s way into the cellphone of the future, but Sony also says it plans on using the new technology in it’s Cyber-shot point and shoot platforms.


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