A lot of lawsuits are being thrown around in today’s competitive smartphone industry, with the most famous ones being the ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple. Instead of focusing on innovation and besting their rivals – companies seem more concerned about bringing patents to the table and getting sales of devices blocked and banned all over the world. But there’s one company that seems to be staying away from all these legal issues, and that company is Sony Ericsson.

According to the company’s CEO, Bert Nordberg, Sony Ericsson is “one of the most patent safe companies around… Apart from our own 6,000 patents, we’re licensed to use the combined patent portfolios of both our owners, Sony and Ericsson.” Judging by how nobody seems to be throwing lawsuits their way, it looks like they’re not doing anything wrong. Not to mention, Sony Ericsson’s devices usually stand out from the crowd and don’t look like offerings from the competition.
Unfortunately things aren’t so rosy for companies like HTC and Samsung. With Google’s proposed acquisition of Motorola in order to defend Android; hopefully things work out in the end. Google just has to make sure that it stays unbiased if it manages to buy up Motorola Mobility.


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