Sony Ericsson Italy Pegs March for Ice Cream Sandwich Updates


Sony Ericsson has already made the bold claim that all of their 2011 handsets will receive Android 4.0, but now they are among the first to assign a potential timeframe for the arrival of Ice Cream Sandwich. According to Maurizio de Palma, marketing manager for Sony Ericsson Italy, the Xperia line of phones will begin to see their ICS updates in March of next year. That is still a good four months away, and it would not come as a surprise for the date to be pushed back. Still, the news offers a hopeful outlook.
After catching much heat for the poor handling of earlier updates to their Android devices, Sony Ericsson has pledged to improve the process in nearly every way, from the timeliness of release to better communication with handset owners. Here is hoping that SE can deliver on time.
[via PocketNow]


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