WebGL, a technology which allows compatible browsers to display interactive 3D graphics without the use of plugins has been around for awhile but not widely supported yet – especially when it comes to mobile devices. But seeing that open standards are the future of the web, it’s comes as no surprise that companies are doing their best to adopt them. Sony Ericsson has recently jumped on the bandwagon and announced that its 2011 Xperia phones now support WebGL thanks to the latest update that was released.

While Sony Ericsson claims to be the first mobile phone manufacturer to support WebGL for the Android web browser, it’s worth noting that Mozilla has already done it in the past with its Firefox for Android (though Mozilla isn’t a phone manufacturer). In fact even Nokia’s N900 and RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook support the standard as well. No word on when we’ll start seeing it on other devices, but it should be more popular now that Flash for mobile will be discontinued in the future. Check out a video demonstration of WebGL on an Xperia phone:


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