The Walkman brand I’m sure many of you used back in the days isn’t dying out anytime soon. The folks at Sony plan to keep it chugging along and today they have announced a new Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman handset running the best OS around, Android of course. Thinking back on the huge Walkman disk player I carried around in my younger days before the iPod was fun, but the 128 CD carry case I also tugged around wasn’t. Now we can just throw all that music on a micro SD card and throw it in the new Live Walkman smartphone.

Today the ageless Walkman brand continues with this Android offering. We have a decent little mid-range phone here and this Walkman will sport a 3.2-inch 480 x 320 touchscreen display powered by a single-core 1GHz processor with 380MB of RAM. You even get a front facing camera so you can video chat and listen to music at the same time. 5 megapixel rear camera and all those other goodies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DLNA and even Sony’s xLOUD system for enhanced audio output.
The Sony Ericsson Live Walkman is set to arrive sometime around October and will have Android 2.3 Gingerbread on board. Sony mentions it will come featuring a built-in Track ID app as well as there usual Qriocity music and video streaming service. The press image does also show the widget for the Spotify music streaming service making us believe it might come pre-installed too, but we cant know for sure. Why they’d show that and their own Qriocity at the same time beats me. More details at the press release below.
[via Sony Ericsson]


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