After years of waiting it appears Sony will finally be launching a full line of in-dash car audio receivers that will sync with all of our favorite Android devices. Sony and Pandora Radio have partnered up to bring car stereos with Pandora Internet Radio support to Android, iOS, and even those Blackberry phones. While playing music from our favorite devices might be nothing new to in-car stereo’s doing it all wireless and with Pandora is — sort of.

The digital music service can now be accessed through four of Sony’s latest connected car stereos — the DSX-S210X, DSX-S310BTX, and even the SiriusXM compatible CDX-GT660UP and CDX-GT565UP models. The higher DSX units connect to Pandora via the smartphone application and an integrated “tune tray” with easy navigation while the other models have to go old school and use USB. Sadly only the bluetooth models will work with Android for now but this is nothing new.
Don’t forget we still have pretty great music on that one thing if you remember, called the FM radio (or AM radio for the oldies). While this new line-up from Sony is a nice change of pace and something I’ve been waiting to see for a while it wont really help many users like myself. I’ve been using Bluetooth to sync to my car stereo and stream music in my Chevy truck for like 4 years now. With Pandora Radio, Google Music and my new personal favorite Spotify, I’ve been wirelessly listening to all the music my heart desires while on-the-go over bluetooth with all of the recent Android phones I’ve owned, you just need a bluetooth enabled stereo and their is plenty of those on the market.
When I can wirelessly stream YouTube and Netflix from my Android phone to the 7″ TV in my truck, then I’ll be excited.
[via Engadget]


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