Sony Smart Watch to Arrive on Play Store


There have been many devices that made their way to the Play Store and many are in the process. And we have another news, that the Sony Smart Watch 3 is going to make is way on the Play Store soon.

The watch is being listed on the Play Store for about $249.99, and the buy option is not there and a coming soon tag is added. The Sony Smart Watch 3 runs on the Android Wearable. It has a Snapdraghon 400 chipset, 512 MB RAM. The display screen of the watch is about 1.6 inches with a display resolution of about 320 x 320 pixels.

It has 4 GB of internal storage and a battery of 420 mAh. Sony Smart Watch 3, is a good device considering the fact that it has its own GPS connectivity and also is listed as Wi-Fi ready by Sony. So it seems to be a good deal for that price.


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