Sony Tablet P coming to AT&T for $399 on March 4th

Sony Tablet P is confirmed its coming to AT&T on 4th march for $399 when you sign a 2-year contract. The Tablet P runs Android 3.2 and comes with 4G connectivity.

However, the 4G connectivity simply implies HSPA+ as opposed to 4G LTE. It features two 5.5-inch displays which unfold like a case for glasses. That’s what’s its unique selling point – the screens could be used together when viewing video (you just fully unfold the tablet), you can also them for gaming – one screen could serve as a display and the other could house the controls. In addition, it boasts 1GB of RAM, 1GHz dual-core processor, 5MP rear facing camera, 6GB of onboard memory, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

Now, the catch with the $399 price is the two-year contract which will add a monthly payment of a minimum of $35. Off contract, the Sony Tablet P price stands at $549.99.

Source: AT&T


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