OK, we’ll admit we’re a day late on delivering the news, but the fact remains that Sony’s long-awaited Tablet S is now on sale.
Price-wise the Wi-Fi only slate comes in at £399 for the 16GB and £479 for the 32GB variant, which in case you were wondering is exactly the same price as that other iPad 2 tablet thingy from that other company called Apple.

Fortunately Apple doesn’t have a legal monopoly on what gadgets should cost, though these days we wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple’s lawyers trying to sue someone for selling something at the same price as an iPad or iPhone.
Sure, that’s maybe being a bit harsh, but the reference to the recent spate of legal battles against particularly Samsung is fair game here simply because the Tablet S is definitive proof that it IS possible to bring real variation to the tablet form factor.
Of course that doesn’t mean that everyone should have to, or that the Tablet S will actually be popular, but anyway. It’s certainly different, and pretty much delivers on that “folded book” analogy we were given when details of the Sony slate first leaked way back in February.
As for the boring spec stuff, well it’s Android 3.1 Honeycomb on board, a 9.4in screen with 1280 x 800 resolution, a 5-megapixel camera with forward-facing video cam, and all the usual connectivity bits like DLNA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the like.


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