Hot on the heels of the announcement of Sony’s “S1″ Playstation tablet now comes word — from the folks at Engadget — that Sony is preparing the “S2″, a dual-screen clamshell-type tablet. This tablet has specs similar to the “S1″, including a Tegra 2 SoC, WiFi and 3G connectivity as well as both front and rear facing cameras.
Where the “S2″ differentiates itself, however, is its dual-screen nature. Apparently Sony is fiddling with Android internally to take advantage of this. For example, in Gmail, one screen will show the message list, while the other will show the body of the selected message. Maps, for example, will display a map on one screen with turn-by-turn directions on the other, and so on. These apps, according to sources, will also work with a variety of orientations.
However, according to Engadget’s sources, folks inside Sony aren’t too keen on this new tablet design. One source wishes the gaps between the displays could be smaller, while another says that the device is being met with outright skepticism within Sony’s halls. One source even called it a “dog”.
Whatever the case, we’ll be keeping an eye on this and other upcoming Sony tablets and bring you all the news as we find it. On a personal note, I don’t know if I’d get one of these myself, but it could be interesting to try out. What do you think?


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