It was just yesterday when we had some leaked photos alleged to be of the upcoming Sony flagship, the Xperia Z3. And today, we have another couple of images of the Xperia Z3, this time alongside the Galaxy Note to give you a sense of its size. These photos, like the previous ones are in the wild.

Xperia Z3

There had been news earlier that the Son device shown in the photo above was not the Xperia Z3 but instead was the Xperia Z2 Compact. Maybe that is why folks at the Unofficial Xperia Blog decided to click some photos of it next to the Samsung Galaxy Note. Both the devices measure the same in terms of their length and the Galaxy Note is known to be 147 mm tall which makes us believe that the Sony device pictured above is not the Z2 Compact as making a ‘compact’ phone this big would be absurd.

We have another set of photos of the Z3, this time focusing on its top and its bottom. The first photo shows the notification light at the top left corner of the device while the second photo focuses on the lower part of the smartphone.

Xperia Z3 2


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