Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Went On Sale In European Countries

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet now available inmost of the European market.


Sony has made available Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet in many European Markets. Folks living in countries like Germany, Italy, Poland or a number of other European countries, can place their orders via Sony Mobile Store.

xperia z4 tablet

It seems as though only the Wi-Fi variants are available in most countries for now, and those who have the tablet listed as pre-order only have expected delivery dates set for the end of June. The LTE variant is only available for pre-order as of now. Expected delivery dates for these tablets start from June 17th. Take a look below to see if the Z4 Tablet is available in your country.


Wi-Fi variant: Pre-order (€599)


Wi-Fi variant: In stock (€579)

LTE variant: Pre-order (€679)


Wi-Fi variant: In stock (€599)

LTE variant: Pre-order (€699)


LTE variant with keyboard: Pre-order (€779)


Wi-Fi variant: In stock (PLN 2,699)

LTE variant: Pre-order (PLN 2,999)


Wi-Fi variant: Pre-order (€579)

LTE variant: Pre-order (€679)


Wi-Fi variant: In stock (SEK 5,490)

LTE variant: Pre-order (SEK 6,490)


Wi-Fi variant with keyboard: Pre-order (£499)

So if you’re living in these countries can order the Sony Xperia Z4 tab now from the button link below.

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