Last month SoundHound launched a new update for its Android app that brought the app some fixes and a nice new feature. The new feature was the inclusion of LiveLyrics to the mix. At the time, I wondered how many people actually used SoundHound and the company has now offered up some usage stats. This is the first time that SoundHound has offered any insight into how used its app is on the iPhone and Android platform.

According to SoundHound’s figures, the app handled over 4 million searches each day. The company has recorded over 1,000 hits per second showing impressive user engagement. In the two years since the app has been on Android and iOS it has a user base of 50 million people globally. These stats make SoundHound the most used mobile music search and discovery app in the world according to the company.
The company points the apps unique features as the reason for its success. Since the company added live lyrics to the app, it has recorded 25 to 35 million hits per day for the 30 days ending October 20. Peak traffic was over 2 million hits per hour. Usage has grown by a factor of ten since it launched in 2010.


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