Spotify adds Android Preview app with Facebook sign-in and sharing

Now that United States citizens have been welcomed with open arms, Spotify’s Android app is getting some much-needed love. The new version is available as a non-Market download from Spotify’s blog, showing off some new social features. Users can now log in with either their original Spotify credentials or by connecting to Facebook – you don’t even have to create a new account if you opt for the latter.

Sharing options have been updated as well, again, via Facebook. There was some controversy over the company’s recent decision to allow new users only through Facebook, and apparently, that is still the case with the new app. For those times when you’ve just got to get your Shania Twain on, a Private Listening mode has been added. Testers note that local file playback is still problematic, and there’s no support for browsing via folders – apparently a big deal for some commenters. I tried the local playback myself, and on CyanogenMod 7.1 at least, I haven’t experienced any crashes.
Spotify is specifically asking for user feedback with the beta app, and if you’re a loyal Spotify customer (as so many are) it might be a good time to voice some of your concerns and suggestions. You can download the APK here (the experimental version isn’t available on the Market) and leave feedback on Spotify’s community forum. If you want some input on the way Spotify’s Android app progresses, it might not be a bad idea.
[via TheNextWeb]


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