In a week that saw Spotify launch as a platform for third party apps, in addition to its new App Finder feature, it’s also rolling out a bunch of other new features.
Today, Spotify announced that it would unveil a new Predictive Search feature in its next update, meaning that as soon as you start typing in the name of a song, artist, album or playlist, it will take a guess at what you’re looking for as you type.
There will also be a new Playlist Search feature, which will let you hunt down publicly available playlists from other Spotify users around the world. And it has also thrown in a new ‘Buddy List’ feature, which lets you see what your friends are listening to at the moment, and you can see and hear your friends’ starred tracks, and what music they’re adding to their playlists.
The ‘What’s New’ page has also been given an overhaul, and here you’ll also be able to find trending playlists and top tracks amongst your friends:
screen shot 2011 12 01 at 120346 pm1 520x267 Spotify introduces Predictive Search, Playlist Search and more features
Finally, good news for Mac users…Spotify will now have full-screen support for Mac OS X Lion.
The next update will be rolling off the conveyor belt soon, but you can get your hands on these new features now via the preview version which is out now.


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