If there was any doubt that Spotify would continue its crushing blow to the top of the streaming music world, today might well be the last time such a doubt was spoken. What we’ve learned, straight from the source of course, is that the Premium service that’s available with Spotify streaming music service has now reached and broken the 2 million person mark. This means that over 2 million people are now paying to have the full Spotify service on their phones and in their homes – is this fantastic for a group that started out only across the pond back in 2009?

Before we go any further, if you don’t know what Spotify is, you should check out the full guide on Spotify your humble narrator wrote for SlashGear back when it was first released here in the states. After that, you should check out our review of the Spotify Premium app that you’ll only be able to run if you’ve got the Premium service hooked up. Right after the USA launch we also gave a whole handful of invites away as well as reviewing that app, that’s how super pumped we were.

And that’s only the USA launch, not even a few months ago! Back on the 28th of May, 2009, our man in England mister Chris Davies made a video demo of the Spotify Android app as it existed in its first state. It was already pretty super neato back then. Now the combined collection of premium users all over the world is at 2 million. Are you one of them?


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