Carrier IQ got a lot of press lately but all that ink turned out to be a tad bitter for the company. Starting from the moment the software bit was discovered until the official Carrier IQ position, and statements from carriers and OEMs, the buzz is just getting more and more hyped.

According to recent reports based on information received from “sources inside HTC“, “as a result of the lawsuits targeting Carrier IQ, Sprint, and other CIQ-using OEMs”, Sprint “has asked all of their partners to get rid of Carrier IQ”. We’re talking about the same Sprint that recently said “Carrier IQ can be found on most Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones“. Sprint made it clear that it “does not and can not” look or record contents of messages, photos and videos on phones but the usage of the Carrier IQ bit is limited to understanding device performance on the network, a fact that is also laid down in Sprint’s privacy policy.

The plan is for OEMs to prepare updates which will then be delivered over-the-air to phones, refreshes which will of course be lacking Carrier IQ. There’s no timeframe attached but you can expect updates to start hitting devices in the very near future.

[Source: Geek]


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