Two weeks ago we told you how Sprint users were finally about to get some Gingerbread for their LG Optimus S handsets, just a few weeks after the update became available for the international Optimus One. Things were looking good, and we noted “assuming nothing goes wrong and forces it to halt distribution, it should hit nearly every subscriber with an Optimus S within about ten days.” Oh, how we should have knocked on wood! It turns out that the update has been wreaking havoc on the Optimus S, breaking so much functionality that Sprint’s withdrawn the update.

Sprint acknowledges the problem on its forums, promising that it and LG were working on diagnosing the issues and assuring users that the halt on the update’s distribution is only temporary; once things are worked out, the Optimus S will finish getting Gingerbread.

So, what’s going wrong? Oh, just a few small problems like an inability to get online, your PC not recognizing the phone when plugged-in over USB, refusal to recognize the presence of microSD cards, and finding itself in a state where it will no longer recharge while powered-on, eventually running the battery down to nothing. Predictive text is also turning-up broken, but compared to the rest of these issues, it seems positively minor. There are some suggested fixes for these individual issues, but no word on when an update addressing all of them may become available.

Source: Sprint
Via: Phandroid


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