Sprint has finally released a software fix for the Epic 4G Touch for the dreaded loss of signal bug that’s been plaguing the community for quite some time. The bug would cause the voice and data radios to lose signal, something that was only fixable by a reboot.

It was originally believed that the bug most commonly affected those who were in bad coverage areas. Those who lose signal in bad coverage areas are supposed to be handed over to Verizon’s network until they can recover a Sprint signal, but the handoff to Verizon tends to stall and eventually the radios shut themselves down until you reboot the phone.
We’re glad that this was easily fixed through software even if it took a long time to come to fruition. Sprint also fixed the bug where your 4G hotspot connection would periodically disconnect while on a phone call. Head to this link for instructions on how to pull the update down. If you’re rooted, we’re sure your favorite ROM developer will make no delay in updating their ROMs based on this version if they haven’t already. [via Sprint Feed]


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