Sprint has gone and killed off one of the few things that many of us liked about the carrier. It has stuck to the unlimited offerings while other carriers have been killing them off. Sprint is having second thoughts now as it has confirmed to BGR that it will in fact place a cap on mobile hotspot data used from Android smartphones and other smartphones starting early in October.

The data cap is set at 5GB and will go into effect on October 2. The cap will apply to WiFi tethering on 3G or 4G networks and will not count on the actual phone data plan says Sprint. If this goes smoothly for Sprint though I would not be surprised in the least to see, caps come to normal data plans too. Sprint is mum on what any overages will cost the user.
It has been rumored that the overage charges will be in the area of $0.05 per megabyte, which will get expensive very Quickly. The new hotspot plan will apparently still cost $29.99 monthly to use. I guess it’s still good that the normal data plans are unlimited, but a cap on one part certainly puts a damper on things.
[via BGR]


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