For all the people who admire a good Android phone with decent specs and prefer Sprint to any other carrier in the US, we have some good news for you. The LG G3 will officially be available through Sprint starting July 18th. You can however pre-order the device a week earlier, starting 11th July.


The G3 will be made available in black and gold color schemes, of which gold is an exclusive to Sprint and is not available on any other carrier in the US.

If you get the device through Sprint’s Easy Pay Scheme, the device will be yours for 0$ down payment followed by 24-monthly installments of $25 each amounting to $600. If you plan on getting the device on a 2-year service contract, get ready to shell out $199.

You can also receive a $100 or a $150 reward card depending on when you make the purchase. If you make the purchase between July 11 and July 24 you’ll be entitled to a $150 reward card while a $100 reward card will be handed over to you if you make the purchase between July 25 and August 14. You’ll however have to get yourself registered in order to get the reward coupons and that too before August 7th and August 28th for the $150 and $100 card respectively.


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