Sprint has never been known to follow convention. While other carriers are milking heavy data users for as much as possible, for example, Sprint is standing strong and maintaining its unlimited data plans for as long as possible. Another example: Sprint announced the BlackBerry Bold 9930 last week, stating that it would charge customers $249.99 on contract for the device. The nation’s No. 3 carrier made the device available on Sunday as promised, but the phone is actually priced lower online than Sprint announced; just $199.99 will score you RIM’s latest flagship smartphone from Sprint’s online shop. Oddly, the same $200 can also land you an old Bold 9650 if you have an aversion to touchscreens and gorgeous hardware. Sprint’s Torch 9850 launched at the promised $149.99, but we can’t imagine opting for it over the Bold 9930 for just $50 more. Interested parties may want to hit the read link quickly in case Sprint has a change of heart.
Thanks, CJ


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