Supersonic was released onto the Android Market a few days ago and looks like a good time waster for those looking to get their speed fix. Gameplay is simple. You’re placed into a tunnel of light where you speed through a course filled with a techno soundtrack, gaining speed boosts, all while using your phone’s accelerometer to maneuver in and out of obstacles. Not as easy as it sounds, trust me.

Speaking of speed, the game does share some eerie similarities to another Android favorite, Speedx 3D with the only difference being the higher amount of polish and eye candy Supersonic has over the competition. Of course, this graphical flare will come at the cost of performance for some older devices so keep that in mind. The developer shouldn’t suffer in Market ratings because of it. So if you have a newer device and cat like reflexes you can download Supersonic for free in the Android Market right now.
[Market Link]


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