SuperSU Beta For Android N is here from Chainfire


SuperSU Beta is here for latest Android N from Chainfire. It is the renowned Android developer, is here with a new beta of SuperSU for those brave enough to test out Android N.

android n

The venerable superuser and root app has also received an update, bumping it up to 2.70, bringing compatibility with Android N. According to Chainfire’s Google+ post, N brings in some changes regarding SELinux, which means the update addresses those.


  • Rewrote re-enabling root after temp-disable
  • supolicy: Improve permissive domain handling
  • N: Disable forced encryption
  • N: Fix remounting /system for some apps (relatime becomes noatime for ro mounts)
  • ZIP: call users scripts without setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH

You can download the new zip from the Google Plus link below.