Swiftkey Fixes Sync Error in Recent Update


Few days ago, Swiftkey Sync lost some data and posed threat to user information, due to which Swiftkey has to suspend Sync for some time. Now, in a recent update that is pushed to the users, Swiftkey has claimed that they have fixed the Sync Errors.

SwiftKey Neural Networks

SwiftKey has disabled a number of syncing and prediction features in late July while they worked to fix the issue. In the latest update, there’s a major fix for the glitches that has occurred in past couple of months.

Swiftkey has also said that email and number predictions are still turned off. So, we have to wait and watch for these features as they are fixing it for us. We are expecting a fix for this in some upcoming updates.

For the time being you can update your app to get a glimpse of Swiftkey sync.


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