Swiftkey Neural Network Keyboard Live In the Play Store


Swiftkey is here with something that is going to happen in any Android Keyboard. SwiftKey has announced a new experimental keyboard that leverages the power of an artificial neural network.

SwiftKey Neural, the world’s first smartphone keyboard software that uses an artificial neural network to predict and correct language. It’s available now for smartphones on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above as an early-stage project in SwiftKey Greenhouse.

SwiftKey currently uses a probability-based language algorithm based on the n-gram model for predictions. SwiftKey Neural intelligent understanding of sentence context introduces a more ‘human’ touch for mobile typing. SwiftKey Neural Alpha keyboard a shot and see if it seems any more clever to you. One step closer to a sentient keyboard. Can’t wait.

“We’re pretty sure that the future of mobile typing is going to use neural networks,” Braidwood explained. “Language is such a human thing that if you can build things that think more like humans than computers you’re inevitably going to make a more useful keyboard.”

  • Alexander Evans

    Has anyone tried this yet? Curious what people think…