Switch to Verizon and Get $650


The Biggest wireless carrier is offering up to $650 for switching costs if you come over to Big Red’s network from this morning. We’ve seen other carriers offer something similar, such as T-Mobile and its Carrier Freedom promotion.

verizon $650 offer

Customers who are on a contract with another carrier or paying off device installments can take advantage of this promotion. A new smartphone device payment activation and port-in is required on Verizon which will then provide a prepaid gift card of up to $650 to cover early termination fees on the previous carrier.The device being traded-in must be in “good working condition” and worth over $0, customers have to keep the line active for 6 months. Bear in mind that the Visa prepaid card to cover the early termination fees will be mailed within 8 weeks of the claim being received.

Keep one thing in mind that Verizon will not give the amount of money immediately. Company will send you the Visa pre-paid gift card of $650 after 6-8 Weeks after your smartphone delivered to you.

May be this offer is launched because Verizon now feels the pressure from its rival companies’s Offers like AT&T is giving $300 on Switching from another network and T-Mobile’s Carrier Freedom promotion. Anyhow offer from Verizon s very good any body wants to switch to Verizon than this is the best time.

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