Swype Beta Update Brings Dragon Dictation and 50 Languages

    The folks at Swype have released a new beta for users to try out. The latest update brings Dragon Dictation support giving them a nice TTS input option over the default Android TTS option (which isn’t bad, but we like options).

    It currently supports English, French, Italian, German and Spanish and more will be added over the coarse of 2012 Users can also download 50 different languages from within the settings menu of the app. They’re also adding another new feature called Advanced Language Modeling, but I’ll let them explain it for you:

    Advanced Language Modeling
    Swype now features an improved language modeling algorithm, designed to increase the accuracy of the suggestions we offer (such as knowing that you mean “mosh pit” instead of “mosh pot”). By analyzing the text you’ve already entered, Swype will offer more accurate predictions that make sense in the context of the sentence

    • Up to a 40% increase in prediction accuracy when a language profile is present
    • Learns over time as you use it, building up a personal language profile for you.
    • Enabled only for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Other languages coming soon!

    Users can go to the Swype Connect section of the settings menu in Swype and check for the update by hitting the refresh button. If nothing comes up, their server probably bounced you due to too many people trying to download it. If that’s the case, just download it later. The team advises users to wait 72 hours before reporting issues with grabbing the beta update. [Swype via Android Central]

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