T-Mobile BOGO Deal now live for Galaxy Note 8


T-Mobile BOGO Deal is here, this time they are live with the Galaxy Note 8. Yes, you have heard it right, T-Mobile has started to rollout some offers on the purchase of the recently launched Galaxy Note 8. You guys might be aware of the BOGO deals but those who are not, it is Buy One get One free deal. Users can own two similar device by paying for one.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 waterproof

T-Mobile is offering the BOGO Deal for the Galaxy Note 8. In order to avail this offer, you need to do some financial work and have to wait for prepaid Mastercard.

Well, here are the steps that you need to follow to avail the BOGO deal. In order to buy the device under BOGO deal, go for Galaxy Note 8 on a 24-month equipment installment plan (EIP). Then add in the line for the Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S8/S8+ phone on another 24 mONth plan. In order to get BOGO deal you need to avail offer and need enter code “17CSAMN8BOGO” within 30 days of the second device purchase. You can check the promo eligibility at the T-Mobile Promotions Center.

If all goes smooth, then after 8 Weeks, you will get the rebate of $930 via prepaid MasterCard.

Everyone of T-Mobile is eligible for this offer.

Here are some more details that you should know before going for BOGO deal at T-Mobile:

Here are some other tidbits to know:

  • JUMP! customers are eligible for the free Note 8, but JUMP! On Demand customers are not.
  • If you already pre-ordered, you can still participate by buying another Note 8 on an EIP.
  • Even Costco Note 8 purchases are eligible.
  • To see the rest of the FAQ for this promo, hit up that link below.

Are you guys ready for it? Head over to the button below

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