Today is the day, the HTC Amaze 4G and Samsung Galaxy S II are both available right now at T-Mobile. Before you run down to your nearest T-Mobile store or head to the online shop and pick one up, we figured you’d like a little hardware comparison video showing off the goods both phones have to offer. Today I present you with a quick little Amaze 4G vs Galaxy S II hardware comparison video, check it and all the pictures out below.

We have covered both of these phones plenty in the recent past and before you watch the comparison video  If you are considering either of these phones then you most likely already know plenty about them. We have 1.5 GHz dual-core processors in both along with 1GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, 8 MP rear and 2 MP front cameras. Basically they are pretty similar in regards to the internals. Its the hardware on the outside that is different. The looks, feel, size, and then the software of course. Both are running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and feature a few slight UI changes by their respectable creators. For now lets just check out the video shall we?
HTC Amaze 4G vs Samsung Galaxy S II video

With two powerhouse top tier smartphones such as these, this will most likely come down to user preference. Some might love the Sense UI or amazingly great build quality of HTC with the Amaze 4G, others might be interested in having a super sleek and lightweight phone from the Galaxy S II. Two large factors are the AMOLED display in the SGSII, vs the higher resolution qHD Super LCD in the Amaze 4G. Then you have battery life and performance, benchmarks and more. I go over all of this in extreme detail in both of the device reviews linked to above so feel free to read over them and see all the pictures to help you decide.

Happily provided is the video above as well as a few pictures in the gallery below. Instead of getting into details about the battery life or benchmark results I’ll just once again urge you to check out our full reviews. Benchmarks don’t mean everything and both phones perform extremely well for daily use and I’d be happy with either one over on T-Mobile.
The choice is yours, what phone would you rather buy from T-Mobile today — the Galaxy S II or the Amaze 4G?
P1070762 P1070763 P1070764 P1070765 P1070766 P1070769 P1070770 Battery life Galaxy S II Tmo Quad vs Amaze

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