T-Mobile has recently released a few awesome smartphones to their portfolio like the Amaze 4G and the Galaxy S II, but today they have officially announced and started their brand new Monthly4G unlimited and contract free plans. Earlier this month we mentioned the T-Mobile and Walmart exclusive $30 unlimited data plan and now we have more details regarding that, and other contract free offerings from T-Mobile.

Today the company announced four new plans, the Monthly4G unlimited plan as well as three different pay by-the-day plans. The Monthly4G plan costs $60 per month and offers unlimited talk, text, and 4G data. This plan also features no annual contract and just like any other “unlimited” plan from most carriers you’ll get throttled once you pass 2GB of data, most of T-Mobiles current plans have a 5GB limit but then this is new and requires no contract.
Next, the pay by the day plans are quite nice and they give us three options. The first includes a $3 per day unlimited talk, text and web plan that provides 4G speeds on data up to 200MB, while this may not be a lot it is plenty for the average user that doesn’t do anything data or web intensive. Then they have another PBTD plan that offers the same unlimited talk, text, and web but this is only on 2G speeds so you wont be doing anything extremely fast, but you’ll get there — this is only $2 a day. Last but not least we have the $1 per day plan for unlimited text and 10-cents per minute for talk. I don’t see a huge need for this plan but I’m sure some will find it useful.
These are all officially available starting today from T-Mobile and you can call or head to your nearest store for more information. That deal is pretty impressive and for $30 a month (off contract) you get unlimited text and web with 100 talk minutes and 5GB cap for only $30 dollars. For someone that texts and uses the web the most this is an awesome deal if you can stay under 100 minutes.
[via SlashGear]


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