For those who have been planning to buy a new smartphone, we have a good news for you guys. T-Mobile has just come up with it’s latest summer offer. And well, this new promotional offer is for the latest and one of the best smartphone, LG G6, which was launched this year. It is a limited period offer and both LG G6 and V20 are part of it.

You can select either a LG G6 or V20 and he offer says that you will get the second one for free. So if you have been planning to buy LG G6 then here you will be getting V20 alongwith which is actually cheaper one for free. For LG G6 you will need to pay $20 down and then $20/month for a full retails price of $500. Further, if you select V20 you will need to pay $0 down and $20/month. So yes, here you are getting $500 back into your pocket with this promotional offer this summer.

But if you go for this offer then you even need to sign up for it’s Equipment Installment Plan. Well it’s obvious too if the company is giving you one smartphone for free it would want you to stay with it for at least 24 months. So that after taking the free offer you don’t run off to it’s competitor company.

So if you have been planning to purchase a new phone this is the best offer as the phone is also the latest one.


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